Confessions of a Newbie Blogger

confessions of a newbie blogger

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Last week kinda kicked my butt so I’m looking forward to a fresh start this week. Its Thanksgiving week so that means copious amounts of food, stretchy pants and after dinner naps on the couch. I can’t wait!!

But let’s get to today’s post. It’s no secret I’m new to the blogging world. Its been just over a month since I closed my eyes and hit submit on my first post.

I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing out here, what to write about, what type of content readers enjoy, how to convey my personality through my writing and more. Sometimes I’m feeling sarcastic, sometimes I’m afraid of offending people so I don’t sound like myself, sometimes I probably just sound like I need to improve my writing.

I think this is a lot of stuff that will get easier with time, but while I’m working to figure it all out, I thought it would be good idea to keep a record of how I’m growing as a blogger in my teeny tiny corner in this great big space.

How do I differentiate myself from others out there? I’ll be honest. I really have no idea at this point.  But what I do know is that dedication to great content and consistency will give me the best shot at not throwing in the towel after a couple of months. I’m determined not to have my blog turn into one of those projects where the excitement level is high at the beginning but then it slowly becomes less of a priority and quickly burns out.

I want to give it an honest shot, so just having just one month under my belt here are my confessions as a newbie blogger.

This Shit is Hard

Excuse my French, but I really do have a new-found appreciation for bloggers who are able to produce unique, consistent content week after week. Before I started blogging, I did a lot of brainstorming about different topics to write about.  I filled up a couple of pages. I thought I had a great start, but I quickly realized that having an idea and bringing it to fruition are two very different things.

I am an avid reader of a lot of blogs, and before I started my own I often thought, It can’t be that hard to write a blog.


There is so much more to each post than what it looks like. There’s the research, the writing, the photography and the editing, editing and more editing, and once you hit “publish” there’s sharing the post on social media, networking with others and more. I  did a total of 61 revisions on this one post alone. 

It seems impossible to get ahead

After hitting “publish” on my first post, my goal was to draft up about a month’s worth of posts and publish 2-3 posts per week. I quickly realized that was an extremely lofty target.

Working a regular day job, which requires a lot of travel and long hours sometimes makes it hard to find the motivation to sit down in front of my computer and find the creativity to come up with engaging material. After all of the energy that goes into a single post its  difficult for me to start on the next one in order to get ahead. There are definitely a few things I could work on to break this cycle: figuring out what part of the day I am most productive, turning off the distractions and planning ahead a little better. I think if I can do that and get 2-3 posts written and ready to go ahead of schedule, there won’t be so much pressure to come up with something at the last minute.

It takes a lot of work to make it look easy

While in the check out line at the grocery store last week, I noticed a magazine that was featuring Jimmy Fallon’s Rules for Success. On the front cover it read:

“Work your ass off. Make it look easy.”

I might be a little biased towards Jimmy Fallon, but I loved this quote and it made me remember that the majority of successful bloggers (and people in general) out there didn’t become successful because of luck, but rather through persistence, dedication and continually trying to improve themselves (and maybe just a teeny tiny bit of luck).

The Upside

Having said all this, I am still really excited about blogging and sharing a glimpse of our life with the world. Its exciting and a great way to see where we’ve been even if no one else does end up reading.

Its amazes me how much I’ve already learned just in the past month. Before I started the blog, I knew absolutely nothing about HTML and CSS language but I am a bit obsessive about how the site looks so I was forced to make sense of it and learn how to edit it to my liking. 30 days ago I had no idea what the heck a Meta description is, now I do and I’ve started learning the basics about SEO.

Starting this blog has also stirred up an interest in photography for me. I purchased a DLSR camera about six months ago but only picked it up a couple of times. Now I am using it on a regular basis and want to learn as much about photography as I can. One goal of mine is to only use my own photographs on this blog. I think that will definitely make this project more personal for us.

There are a couple of things I want to focus on in the coming month.

– Make blogging a higher priority

– Get at least one week ahead with posts

– Have fun with it!

Are there any other newbie bloggers who feel the same? If you’re an old pro, what sorts of things did you struggle with when you first started blogging? Is there any technique that kept you blogging in the beginning?

I’d love to hear! Have a great Thanksgiving week everyone. love, adrienne