About Thriftie Hippies

Welcome to Thriftie Hippies!

We’re Adrienne and Derek, a 20-something couple living in the heart of the Midwest. We were both born and raised near St. Louis, Missouri and moved two hours west a couple of years back.

About Thriftie Hippies

A little bit about us:  we refuse to pay for cable, we can’t function without coffee, and we like pancakes for dinner. We are renting our second home together – a tiny little house that was built in the 1940s. Despite the leaky basement, its super cozy and has been a great place to call home.  Along with our home, our closets are filled with finds from thrift stores, second-hand and vintage shops.  

We make a strong effort to eat food that is both better for us and for the environment.  Trust me, this wasn’t always the case.  Its been a long journey and every now and then we still like to go through an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream in one sitting (who hasn’t?), but I can honestly say that I am much happier preparing and eating food that is more nutritious and good for bodies.  One goal of ours is to be self sustainable one day; to have a large garden and maybe even a couple of chickens!

But enough about that for now.  We’re happy you’re here and we’re excited to share a bit of our life with you.

A few reasons we started this blog:
  1. As a “digital scrapbook” in order to capture those everyday beautiful moments. As I type this, I realize it sounds a bit cheesy, but hey, cheesy is okay sometimes.
  1. As a way to keep us accountable for our personal, professional and financial goals. Some days our to do list seems like a mile long, and if you’re anything like us you probably feel like throwing in the towel every once in a while. We’ve been there. Heck, we are there now, but we want this blog to serve as a way to track progress towards our goals.
  1. Because we want to explore the world of online writing and see where it takes us. I’ve always loved writing and hope this will allow us both to grow creatively and learn some new skills.

About Thriftie Hippies

Thrifty Hippies is meant to be a lifestyle blog. We’re not lifestyle experts by any stretch of the imagination, but we hope to inspire you to find the beauty, brightness and color in your own life. We’ll share recipes, upcycles, DIY projects (good or bad!), music reviews, thrift-store style, having fun on a budget and much more! We’re kinda making it up as we go, but that seems to be our life at the moment.  We’re both still trying to figure out where we want to go in life but don’t want to miss anything along the way.

About Thriftie Hippies

A few reasons you should read our blog:
  1. We’re relatable.  We have our good days and bad days. Some days we go out and other days we sit on the couch in our sweat pants binge watching something on Netflix (again, who hasn’t?).  We are transparent; if a project or idea doesn’t work out right, we’ll be the first ones to say so.  
  1. We don’t have unlimited funds to spend on home renovations, designer clothing or the nicest car.  We’ll share ways to have a happy and healthy lifestyle without blowing your budget.  We think that putting your own spin on your home, personal style, etc. is more exciting than buying the newest thing right off the rack anyway.
  1. We want to know more about you!  Share your comments, feedback and your own blog posts.  We love reading other lifestyle and personal finance blogs and are excited to join this new online community!

We’re just getting started here but contact us with any questions and connect with us on social media! 

love, adrienne & derek

P.S. We should mention one more very important part of our life as she might show up every once in a while.  Meet Disco!  Yeah, we’re cat people, but isn’t she the cutest?? 🙂

About Thriftie Hippies

P.P.S  All images and content found on Thriftie Hippies are original unless otherwise stated. Please give credit if used.


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